At Portfolio Productions, we question the conventional wisdom of the specialized world. Collectively, we are right brain/left brain thinkers who excel in several areas. Our big picture perspective and organizational focus enable thorough and efficient delivery of a wide range of visual communication services in video, web, print, photography and brand development.

We custom build a team that is qualified to meet your specific project requirements and your most ambitious aspirations. The team is skilled at what they do, but more importantly, savvy about what you do. Whether it’s producing a video campaign, designing trade show graphics or branding a new product launch, expect a rigorously informed approach from concept to completion.

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We are geographically unrestricted.
From hazelnut orchards in Oregon to historic buildings in Baltimore, from the streets of New York to the beaches of New Zealand: if you have a request, we have the resources.


Videos. Websites. Photography. Logos. Brochures. E-Newsletters. Product Packaging. Illustration. Animation. Creative Consultation.

Think of our selection of deliverables as a menu full of appetizers. Choose one. A few. Or all of the above.

We call it Small Plates Media.


While we foster our long-term relationships, we also value building new ones. We find ourselves attracted to organizations that strive for excellence. We have had the pleasure of working with:

  • Inventive manufacturers
  • Groundbreaking architects
  • Innovative health care organizations
  • Leaders in sustainability
  • Pioneers in instructional design
  • Titans in the tech sector
  • Food & beverage artisans
  • Vital non-profit groups

about_Bottom_EditOur clients are remarkable. They infuse integrity, value and a caring touch into the things they make and the people they serve. We make it our mission to do the same.